The Xtreme Madden League (XML) was created January 31, 2010. The name 'Xtreme Madden League', came to mind when considering potential names and it just seemed to stick. EA Sports Madden 10 was the first game with which we began. The idea was to create a league made up of 32 owners looking to have fun and enjoy a realistic experience.

Getting to know the commissioner, TheDarkKnight50:

I am a licensed pharmacy technician by day and web designer by night. I live south of Kansas City, Missouri and I'm a hardcore Green Bay Packers fan and also root for the hometown Kansas City Chiefs. I was married in January 2011 to my beautiful wife. I try to make as much time for the league as I can between my wife and the working life. I decided to create this league because I felt my love for football and madden gaming could be paired along with my web designing skills and a desire to run a franchise. I've been fortunate enough to have many great owners over the years. With a lot of the originals still here, and newcomers coming with each passing game we continue to succeed.


Madden 10



In season 1 of Madden 10, we would see multiple teams shift with different owners. This was a fantasy drafted roster due to being so late in the season we had the most up to date rosters. Man_In_Motion (CLE) would meet up against lilgame06 (ATL) in the original XML Bowl I. The Cleveland Browns would win the league title after defeating some of the leagues toughest owners. Cleveland began as a wild-card team and would win it all against the Falcons who also entered the playoffs as a wild-card team. The Falcons were the clear favorites but the Browns shocked the league and a legend was born (Man_In_Motion). The first season in XML history ended up with an underdog victory. LB Patrick Willis (SD) was the first MVP in the leagues history. The rookie of the year awards went out to QB Josh Freeman (DET), and LB Clay Matthews (MIA).



Season 2 would be a very interesting season for the XML. After an abrupt end to a GM's 12-0 start due to league ban, the Detroit Lions were picked up by GM ThatWhatSheSalD. He would drive the team all the way into XML Bowl II against echodyneharmonic's New York Jets. The Lions would win it all, after a very controversial season. You could say they were destined to win season 2. This would be the final season in Madden 10 as the league converted over to Madden 11 at the games official release. HB Jamaal Charles (PHI) won the league MVP award, and the rookie of the year honors went to HB LeRon James (PIT) and LB Josh Sneed (SF). LB Patrick Willis (SD) was again a monster this season.


Madden 11



In season 3, it was unlike any other in XML history as the entire league showed signs of competitiveness. Teams such as Seattle, Tampa Bay, Jacksonville surprised the league. The Baltimore Ravens fell short in the AFC Championship, though they won many personal awards. klc22 (WAS) and indo501 (SD) however would fight their way into the bowl. After a great game, klc22 would eak out a win over San Diego due to HB Willie Parkers strong performance on the ground. The XML MVP went to QB Joe Flacco (BAL), and the rookie of the year honors went to HB Jahvid Best (BAL) and LB Rolando McClain (OAK). HB Chris Johnson (TEN) and LB Brian Cushing (BAL) won awards as well.



With surprise starts coming from the Falcons, Packers, Browns, among more this season; the outlook was that anyone could win it all. The Atlanta Falcons ultimately did find their way to the big game led by neo613. His Falcons would take on the newcomer Cole1510's Denver Broncos squad who was as hot as any during the season. The Falcons were favored due to their veteran leadership, however the upstart Broncos would ultimately be the ones making their mark in league history.



The Denver Broncos led again by Cole1510, were the first team in league history to make it to the big game twice. It just happened to be two years in a row. Harrison5386's Dallas Cowboys squad had shown a lot of promise in the XML in past years but were finally able to get over the hump in season 5. Unfortunately for Dallas, the Broncos squad was just too stacked to be matched. In a high scoring battle, Cole1510 would take out another veteran and prove that his Broncos would be cemented for all of time.



This would be the last season for the XML to compete in Madden 11. In a long and tenuous year, ultimately whoever had the most heart could outlast all. Enter two of the leagues most seasoned veterans and most respected. Man_In_Motion's second appearance in an XML Bowl (previously in CLE), would eventually be a loss in MoWarrior79's first bowl run. In more of a defensive match up, the Chicago Bears earned their first league championship. Season 6 XML bowl was a battle between two XML legends.


Madden 12


The first year in the Madden 12 era would prove that teams who struggled before could now have success, and vice versa. The Green Bay Packers, led by commissioner TheDarkKnight50 would make their first true run in the league. After winning a few nail biters in the post-season the Packers met up with the dominant Baltimore Ravens led by bjcole26. The Ravens were a force to be reckoned with, and they would earn the victory 31-13. It was the first appearance in the bowl for each team. Packers LB Clay Matthews won the league MVP, and HB Mark Ingram (MIA) and ROLB Aldon Smith (SF) won the rookie of the year honors. soopershake (MIA) won owner of the year.



Nope, this isn't a typo. The Ravens would meet up again with the Packers in XML bowl 8! The rematch would ultimately provide the same game result however. The Packers although with a target on their back following the previous year would fight their way back in a surprising second appearance. The Ravens were a favorite all year, as they dominated the league again on their way to a second team championship. The second team to win two in a row (Denver Broncos being the other). HB Mark Ingram (MIA) won the league MVP award. HB Cobie Ross (NE) and FS DeAires Justice (WAS) won the rookie of the year awards. Owner of the year went to bigkap22 (WAS).



The Ravens and Packers dominance finally fell through, and a couple of new teams (with seasoned vets) came along in season 9. The Bengals led by KIP_DIGGITY-- and the Cardinals led by BigJohnMic would be the bowl match up. It was in the air before this game as to who could pull it out, many pulling for the fan favorite Cardinals. The Bengals proved to be too much for Arizona however as they won the game 24-10. The Cardinals stout defense held off Cincinnati but the offense just wasn't able to match the Bengals.



In season 10, KIP_DIGGITY-- (now favored) would reach the XML bowl again to represent the AFC North (4 seasons in a row BAL/BAL/CIN/CIN). And in again came the Man_In_Motion who was now making this third XML bowl appearance (all with different teams). Many doubted that the Buccaneers could do it, but they won a tight contest that came down to the final minutes of game time. The Buccaneers were the sentimental winner of season 10.


Madden 13



indo501 (SD) made his way back to the XML bowl, as did MoWarrior79 (CHI) in the first season of Madden 13. In an epic match up, the San Diego Chargers (who have been a factor in almost all 11 seasons) would finally get that elusive victory it'd been seeking. The Bears put up a fight, but indo was determined to get his squad an XML bowl trophy. In other league awards, QB Andrew Luck (IND) would win the MVP award and co-rookie of the year honors with QB Robert Griffin III (WAS). Owner of the year went to bigkap22 (KC).



Season 12 was the I-70 bowl, the battle of Missouri teams. The St. Louis Rams (hass_core) and Kansas City Chiefs (bigkap22) went to work. In a twist of fate, the Rams would end up taking this game. It was the first team and owner appearances for both squads. The overall feeling after this season is that we will see both owners back in future bowls. hass_core won coach of the year, while bigkap22's HB Jamaal Charles (KC) won the league MVP award. QB Tanner Hurns (NYJ) and RE Enoch Williams (TEN) won the rookie of the year honors. This should also be noted as the year of MLB Marvin Krunch (STL). The linebacker stormed the league, beasting on all opponents like never seen before.


This season would prove to be as competitive as any other in history. Long time owner YoungC_03 would earn his first league championship! His Seattle Seahawks were stout the entire season, and many pegged them an NFC favorite. Seahawks QB Russell Wilson won the XML Bowl 13 MVP award. After another great season bigkap22's Kansas City Chiefs fell just short the second year in a row to the NFC West (after running the table in the regular season). The league MVP went to HB Jamaal Charles (KC) again rushing for a league record 2,852 yards and bigkap22 (KC) won the coach of the year award again by going 16-0 in the regular season. QB Colby Whitaker (NE) and WR Trent Platt (STL), who was the No. 1 overall pick, won offensive rookie of the year while MLB Quinston Williams (PHI) and LE Kade Snyder (TEN) won the defensive rookie of the year awards. MLB Marvin Krunch (STL) has amassed 41 interceptions total in his first two seasons combined. The Cardinals and Saints ended the season with the worst records at 1-15 each.


It appears as though Arizona or New Orleans will have the No. 1 overall selection in the upcoming rookie draft. Check back often for updates!