PSN: hass_core Skype: hass_core
AIM: chyeason Twitter: @hass_core
Email: hass_core@yahoo.com Favorite Team: Minnesota Vikings
Texting: 1-631-338-6673 Favorite Player: HB Adrian Peterson
About Me: "I'm from Long Island, New York and my favorite teams are the Minnesota Vikings, the New York Yankees, the New York Rangers, and the New York Knicks. Favorite player at the moment is Adrian Peterson. I actually got my first gaming system in August of 2009 and the first game I bought was Madden 11 that same release. I was anxious, as I was never really a gamer but the experience of playing friends / making new ones and competing (although not as physically) really pulled me into it.  Madden's the only game I buy year around due to the friends I've made here since the core in this league is one of the best I've seen. I first joined the XML in 2012 (Madden 12), and took over a brutalized Vikings team but switched to the Jets and made it to the AFC Championship game where I lost.  Determined to get to the XML Bowl in Madden 13, I made it with my St. Louis Rams led by rookie sensation MLB Marvin Krunch and won my first XML Bowl in my second year in the league. Hope there's more to come!"
League History: hass_core is a dedicated owner. He has most recently become a major factor. He has made his way into one XML Bowl (season 12). He was fortunate enough to win and solidify himself among the elite group to be claimed an XML champion. Not only is he a league champion, but he has redefined the way we look at the rookie draft. After drafting such names as WR Trent Platt and MLB Marvin Krunch, not only is it possible to turn around a franchise through the draft but to make it thrive. Whether it's through free agency, drafts, or trades hass_core knows how to win and he will do it.



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