PSN: NYtitan21 Skype: nytitan21
AIM: BSAMike7 Twitter: @nytitan21
Email: nytitan21@gmail.com Favorite Team: Tennessee Titans
Texting: 1-631-334-7806 Favorite Player: HB Chris Johnson
About Me: "I am a 26 year old lifelong Madden player. I am not, nor claim to be, the greatest; however I love playing the game (even though it stresses the hell out of me). I am a huge Tennessee Titans and New York Yankees fan from Long Island, NY.  I became a Titans fan by watching Steve McNair and Eddie George when I was younger. My favorite player of all time however is Deion "Primetime" Sanders. When I was younger, I was a Dallas Cowboys fan and when all my favorite players left the team it was time to find a new team. Enter the Titans. The best way to contact me is via text messaging and I am available to play most nights from October-April after 5:30 pm est. April-October is my work busy season so I do not have much time for Madden. I do still try and get my games in, but my schedule is not as flexible. I started in the XML late in Madden 12 taking over an awful Ravens team. I never had much success but the community was great and the competition was strong. I wasn't happy to get my Titans in the XML draft reveal, however I love the team I've built through the draft. Look forward to more time with the league."
League History: NYtitan21 has been in the XML for multiple seasons and has had success since his hiring. While not yet reaching the XML Bowl, NYtitan21 has drafted multiple players for his Tennessee Titans squad who have ended up with the rookie of the year award. He is a proven draft strategist, and on the field he has been competitive each season. NYtitan21 currently coaches one of the best pass rushing defenses in the entire XML.



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